My greek vegan food

Healthy eating the greek way
My greek vegan food
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My greek vegan food
65 recipes to feed the soul, mind and body
Because Greek Cuisine has always been Vegan!

My Greek Vegan Food will guide you through the healthy, plant-based side of Greek cuisine, through a wide variety of traditional and modern vegan recipes brought to you by Eva Monochari. It is a book that aspires to introduce Greek cuisine to a worldwide audience as the vegan diet of choice.

For Greece had always been vegan, centuries before the term was even coined. Greek culinary tradition offers a wide range of dishes that contain no animal products, are earth-friendly and fully in line with the new global food trend.

Vegetables, legumes, cereals, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil have long formed the foundation of Greek cuisine. A cuisine that respects seasonality, instinctively knows the optimal combinations, and moreover is inexpensive to prepare using the freshest ingredients, while lacking nothing in terms of flavour and nutritional value.

This book contains 65 beloved recipes that you will enjoy preparing on an everyday basis, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that guarantee success. It celebrates a style of cooking with which we are all immediately comfortable: simple, understandable, original, and – of course – tasty. Cooking that is beneficial to the soul, mind and body. It is not aimed solely at vegans, but at anyone wishing to adopt a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle and achieve a more nutritious and balanced daily diet without missing out on any of the flavour and aromas.

Delectable olive oil-based creations, fluffy pies, fibre-rich legumes, healthy salads, delicious appetisers, homemade breads, fragrant spreads, classic Greek dishes in their vegan version and traditional desserts make up this practical and modern ‘‘green’’ anthology of Greek cuisine.
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Παυλάκη Ιωάννα (Συγγραφέας)
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