What is Happening at the Bottom of the Ocean?

Εκδόσεις Όστρια
What is Happening at the Bottom of the Ocean?
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What is Happening at the Bottom of the Ocean?
This story is about an ecological issue of a major concern, the one of the water pollution. The creatures of the bottom of the sea raise their objection, their “own voice” as far as this situation is concerned which is caused by the human intervention. Throwing trash in the rubbish bins, recycling as well as the principles of friendship and teamwork are the basic ideas of the text. It is necessary that each and everyone of us should take action in favor of the protection of the environment.

It is vital that the oceans be kept clean. Furthermore, we should all realize that the present and the future of our children, and everyone’s existence after all are dependent on our disposition towards the nature.

Last but not least, as the great story-teller Hans Christian Andersen said : “Fairytales are written to help children fall asleep and to awaken adults”.
Τίτλος βιβλίου:What is Happening at the Bottom of the Ocean?
Εκδότης:Εκδόσεις Όστρια
Συντελεστές βιβλίου:Χριστίδου Έλενα (Συγγραφέας)
Στοιχεία έκδοσης:Οκτώβριος 2020
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