Over the Mountains to Meteora

Over the Mountains to Meteora
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Over the Mountains to Meteora
"On its reaching the rock on which we stood the net was spread open; my two servants sat down upon it; and the four corners being attached to the hook, a signal was made, and they began slowly ascending into the air, twisting round and round like a leg of mutton hanging to a bottle-jack. The rope was old and mended, and, the height from the ground to the door above was, we afterwards learned, 222 feet. When they reached the top I saw two stout monks reach their arms out of, the door and pull in the two servants by main force, as there was no contrivance like a turning-crane for bringing them nearer to the landing-place. The whole process appeared so dangerous, that I determined to go up by climbing a series of ladders which were suspended by large wooden pegs on the face of the precipice... The lowest ladder was approached by a pathway leading to a rickety wooden platform which overhung a deep gorge. From this point the ladders hung perpendicularly upon the bare rock, and I climbed up three or four of them very soon; but coming to one, the lower end of which had swung away from the top of the one below, I had some difficulty in stretching across from the one to the other; and here unluckily I looked down, and found that I had turned a sort of angle in the precipice, and that I was not over the rocky platform where I had left the horses, but that the precipice went sheer down to so tremendous a depth, that my head turned when I surveyed the distant valley over which I was hanging in the air like a fly on a wall."
Τίτλος βιβλίου:Over the Mountains to Meteora
Συντελεστές βιβλίου:Curzon, Robert (Συγγραφέας)
Σειρά εκδότη:Grecian Journeys
Στοιχεία έκδοσης:Απρίλιος 2008
Σημείωση:Abridged from "Visits to the Monasteries in the Levant", first published in 1849 .
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